Cloud Accounting – Am I missing out?

We are all busy people.  But what are we busy doing?  Thankfully, I no longer need to put that hour to one side at night to spend on my records (don’t forget accountants also need to do their own book-keeping!).  The world of cloud accounting and banking has come on so much over recent months and if you have been too busy trying to earn a living you may not have noticed what has been going on.


In fact, cloud accounting has come on a very long way.  The amount of reliable automation that is now possible is simply amazing.  Some accountants see this as a threat but it is not.  Technology is simply removing all those repetitive tasks which used to eat up so much time for us all.  Time that we can now spend producing useful information, on time, when it is needed the most.  Whether it is a set of interim management accounts to get that additional funding or year end projections to help plan for upcoming tax bills, cloud accounting can speed up the process enormously.


We get so much satisfaction when we are helping our clients in real time with their records.  Whether it is teaching our clients how to use their cloud software using the latest screen sharing technology (did you know windows 10 has this built in?) or drafting a set of interim accounts in real time (no shoe box involved now!) or helping them meet a filing deadline, without cloud technology none of this would have been previously possible without huge investment in equipment and software.  Complex (not complicated) systems were previously only available to large corporations but technology has driven prices down to the extent that you can now have so much more for so much less.


If you have not already found the time to discuss the cloud with your accountants, I suggest that next time you sit down to “do your books” you should stop what you are doing and drop them a line and ask for their help!


Those free evenings can now become family time!


Before you go.  Have you read our blog “8 benefits of cloud accounting?”

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