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We provide an extremely accurate UK based payroll service for all sectors and sizes of UK business. Our fully managed, outsourced payroll system will save your business time and money.

Our experienced team will also manage your employer duties and auto enrolment quality standards, to save time and avoid any possible penalties in this complex sector.



we offer a range of services to suit your business so you can pick the options that fit your needs.

additional charges when applicable

We understand that mistakes can happen, therefore we do not normally make a charge for re-calculating your payroll run and issuing replacement payslips if you make an error in the employee information provided.  We do however reserve the right to make a charge where we incur excessive administration costs.  However, we will not normally make a charge where this additional work is minimal or infrequent.

Examples where we may make a charge include:

regularly issuing duplicate payslips, completion of mortgage enquiries, credit applications, solicitor enquiries, claim forms, additional analysis of payroll information, investigations by HMRC and other ad hoc payroll services.


Some businesses by their very nature have a high turnover of staff particularly where business is seasonal.  We therefore reserve the right to impose an additional charge where your turnover of staff is excessive.  Where we need to issue more than one P45 and one P46 per average number of employees per tax year, we may charge £10 per form to cover the increased administration costs.




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